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Shoe Factory Road



Given this site is dedicated to the true fans, it wouldn’t be complete without a little bit about where these stories were inspired from. The legend of Shoe Factory Road originated from a narrow one-lane road in Illinois. Corn fields and trees envelope most of the winding road, making it perfect for anyone looking for an adrenaline rush. Urban legends were formed. For decades, stories floated around. Reports of semi-trucks flipping over, disappearance of kids, homicides, eerie abandoned glass houses, and satanic cults had been filed.

My friends used to come back to school and tell me where they drove over the weekend. Usually it involved street racing, or some other trivial things. Then one time, a friend alerted me of what would become a great fascination of mine. This road. I did a quick search about it, and a slew of articles popped up. Everything from the city’s ligation with a land developer tearing down an old schoolhouse that had some history, to a barn once rumored to be a shelter for an escaped mental patient.

Needless to say, I wanted to share those stories and bring to you tales inspired by real and fictional events. Enjoy!