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Tragedy Is Stranger Than Fiction : The Accidental Death on The Twilight Zone

By: - November 17, 2015
Category : 80's, Case Study, People

After writing about Spielberg’s departure from the Twilight Zone film, I thought it might be smart to recap exactly what caused the riff between him and John Landis. Since I’ve somehow been on this Landis kick (without fully realizing it until now) I figured I’d go full throttle and conclude it with this one. Sadly, […]

The Case of the Mothman

By: - August 6, 2015
Category : Case Study, Hauntings, Unsolved

Continuing the theme of doing some case studies that have fascinated me for quite some time, I figured it might be fun to throw a few more of these cases out there. Most people have heard something about them. But I’d like to dive in a little bit further to really explore all the events […]

The Enfield Monster Case Study

By: - July 31, 2015
Category : Case Study, Hauntings, Unsolved

It’s still a little early for Halloween. The weather hit 98 the other day, but I came across a story recently straight out of a Halloween horror classic. Surprisingly, this didn’t occur right around Halloween, as odd things usually do. The setting was rural Illinois. The date: April 25th, 1973. One of the strangest events […]