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Halloween Traditions And Scary Pumpkins

By: - October 30, 2017
Category : Halloween, Nostalgia

I can’t help but start getting excited when I see that it’s October. Pumpkin pie placed all over store shelves. Droves of people picking up pumpkins, decorations, and pumpkin spiced everything. Halloween is fast approaching us. Anyone will tell you the best part of Halloween isn’t even the day of. It’s the entire season leading up to it. I’ve already been making a mental list of classic movies I need to see before Halloween is here. Those Department 56 decorations are steadfastly NOT lined around the house, (although if I had the space it’d be fair game.)

One of the traditions around this time when I was younger was carving pumpkins in my kitchen. Our family would always make a trip to the local patch, walk through hundreds upon hundreds of pumpkins until we each spotted the perfect one. Then, as soon as we got home my sister and I would take to a pencil and paper. Drawing out whatever our imaginations would have in mind. Before finally carving away, hoping the end game was close to our visions. I still remember that earthy smell of those pumpkins. The scent of the oven, as my mom would bake the remaining pumpkin seeds.

Over time, I sort of fell out of love with carving pumpkins. They were messy. They rotted. I kind of lost the fun of them. I still appreciate those memories, and will always serve as a marker of Halloween entertainment. This year, I saw an article that brought back a burst of excitement and fear. People are carving Pennywise-inspired pumpkins! Some taking it a step further and carving out jack-o’-lanterns of the creepiest fashion.

Pretty safe to say what I’ll have a nightmare about tonight.

With the new IT movie hitting theaters, I suspect there will be a whole new breed of people who dress up as the sadistic clown, and find new and creative ways to scare the hell out of people. IT is still on my list of movies I’d love to see before Halloween. We’ll see if there’s time to carve out (unintentional pun).

Speaking of IT, I’m in the process of gathering a go-to list of Halloween movies that may veer off the path a little, as I’ve never been a fan of the cheap slashers, or overly gory movies. Hoping I can post them after I re-watch some of these classics (and some forgotten).

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to: wearing hoodies, stepping on crunchy leaves, and busting out the fall inspired candles, watching a Halloween-themed movie while eating copious amounts of pumpkin pie, and seeing what other people come up with to continue the pumpkin carving tradition. Let me know what your favorite Halloween traditions was. Or wasn’t.

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