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Halloween Traditions And Scary Pumpkins

By: - October 30, 2017
Category : Halloween, Nostalgia

I can’t help but start getting excited when I see that it’s October. Pumpkin pie placed all over store shelves. Droves of people picking up pumpkins, decorations, and pumpkin spiced everything. Halloween is fast approaching us. Anyone will tell you the best part of Halloween isn’t even the day of. It’s the entire season leading […]

The Charm of Movie Theaters: Why They’re Worth the Price of Admission

By: - October 17, 2017
Category : Uncategorized

Over my birthday weekend, I was treated to one of the best gifts I could ask for — tickets to see Terminator 2 on the big screen. Something like this comes around almost as infrequent as the recent solar eclipse — and like the eclipse, we needed special glasses as the viewing was in 3-D! Now you’re probably asking […]