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January 2016 - Shoe Factory Road Blog Posts

Fight Or Flight – The Cemetery That Wouldn’t Leave O’Hare Airport

By: - January 30, 2016
Category : Places

(I began writing this at O’Hare on December 28th 2015, finishing a few days later, but just getting around to posting this now so sorry for the semi-dated content.   After heading back to Illinois to spend the holidays with my family, my trip took an odd turn as I was stuck at O’Hare for […]

Reflections of Summer – My Nostalgic Trips to Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

By: - January 5, 2016
Category : Nostalgia, Places

After writing a decent amount of dark subject matter, I’ve decided to mix it up a little bit. I wanted to share with you a story of some of my summer adventures of yesteryear. I hinted about it last time I was back in Chicago over the summer…today I wanted to fulfill that promise. It […]