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August 2015 - Shoe Factory Road Blog Posts

It Escapes Me – 2nd Issue of Shoe Factory Road

By: - August 28, 2015
Category : Shoe Factory Road, Writing

Episode 2 — Part 2 After realizing I never posted the second part, I figured it’s overdue to release the second half of this episode. Without any further waiting, I present the second episode of the second issue of Shoe Factory Road. Enjoy, and stay out of the woods! For Part 1. Fixated on the scrapbook. Each […]

All Out of Bubble Gum – What I Learned From “They Live”

By: - August 21, 2015
Category : 80's

A few weeks ago I heard the news that famed wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper had passed away (born Roderick George Toombs — yeah I like Roddy Piper better as well.) His generation of wrestling wasn’t quite my era, but I remembered they’d always show highlights of wrestlers of yonder, during my youth as a pro-wrestling fan. (Judge […]

An Evening With A Television Serial Killer

By: - August 14, 2015
Category : Writing

After what amounted to a pretty busy week, I decided to spend a quiet evening with my girlfriend, rewatching an episode of Psych titled, “Mr. Yin Presents,” (season 4 finale).It’s more or less a sequel to “An Evening With Mr. Yang,” (season 3 finale) which kept the audience hanging off a cliff for the better […]

The Case of the Mothman

By: - August 6, 2015
Category : Case Study, Hauntings, Unsolved

Continuing the theme of doing some case studies that have fascinated me for quite some time, I figured it might be fun to throw a few more of these cases out there. Most people have heard something about them. But I’d like to dive in a little bit further to really explore all the events […]