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The Last Elevator Ride

By: - January 9, 2015
Category : Hauntings
Virgin America

A few days ago, I was returning back from a flight to Chicago when my eye caught the screen playing on the seat next to mine. It was showing recaps of mysterious occurrences in the US during the past few decades. The “Babushka lady” after the JFK assassination, Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance, the Malaysian Airline Flight 370, and something from the Cecil Hotel.

Because the sound was only available to that specific seat, I was unsure what the Cecil Hotel was, and the mysteries surrounding it. I never heard of that hotel before. And how could it live up to Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance? I flipped on my screen and began to search through the channels to gain some insight. When I got to the channel, the segment ended and moved onto the next piece. I scribbled the name of the hotel down on a piece of paper for future research.

Upon arriving at the airport, I was still thinking about that hotel. Where was it located? Why had I never heard of it? All these questions arose. I got back, unpacked and did a quick search. What I found was crazy.

Cecil Hotel


The Cecil Hotel is located on the eastern edge of downtown Los Angeles. The hotel itself has a pretty gruesome past. It could be a shoe in for its own horror movie. The man known as the “Night Stalker” would camp out in the hotel for days on end plotting his next moves. Not one but two serial killers have stayed there. Countless suicides have been reported. But back to why the hotel made it to the list.

Cecil Hotel

In February of 2013. a 21 year old Canadian student named Elisa Lam was found dead in the hotel rooftop water tank. The discovery was made when people staying at the hotel complained of low water pressure, and a maintenance man checked the tanks to inspect the problem. Despite the fact that the only way to access the roof was through a locked and alarmed door, the police eventually ruled it “accidental due to drowning.” They claimed this because there were no drugs or alcohol found in her system at the time of death.

Surveillance video captured Elisa just hours before she disappeared. Her behavior is erratic and creepy. Yet the autopsy stated she had no traces of anything. Does this look like someone who’s of sound mind?

At 1:57 her body movements are unnatural, and later appears to be hiding and then talking to someone

A couple parts of this story are mysterious. First of all, she presses all of the buttons on the elevator door, but the door doesn’t close until after she leaves the elevator. Then she snuck up to the rooftop without tripping any alarms or alerting the staff. The water tank requires a ten foot ladder to access which was not present when the body was found. The lid was closed when her body was discovered, and the video feels like parts have been cut out.

So with all of this information, the reports are still fuzzy and authorities are keeping a lid on the details. Is it up there with the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa? I don’t think so. But it will definitely go down as one of the creepiest stories of the past few years.