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August 2014 - Shoe Factory Road Blog Posts

The Haunting Sound of Robert Stack

By: - August 29, 2014
Category : People

The shows that really impacted me when I was younger, were always those that had real events with an element of danger and theatrics thrown in for good measure. The kind you’d stay up late to watch on a Tuesday night and spend the rest of the night in bed thinking how you could be […]

Goosebumps From Goosebumps

By: - August 13, 2014
Category : Writing

  I heard recently they were going to do a Goosebumps remake. This brought back a certain amount of nostalgia for me. Was it going to be ruined by Hollywood? Probably. That’s the cynical side of me. I would really love to see them get it right. To understand how much this means, you’ll need […]

The Unstable Horseman

By: - August 4, 2014
Category : People

A few miles down from the infamous Shoe Factory Road, lies a family owned horse training facility named Our Day Farm. The manicured farm spreads across 15 acres in Elgin, IL. Every time my parents would drive past it, I would always ask if they ever went horse riding there. They both brushed it off […]