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A Midnight Phone Call

By: - July 24, 2014
Category : Hauntings

One of the most frustrating things while living in a dorm room is usually lack of sleep. Everything from music blasting from down the hall to crunching for an early morning exam you forgot you had. I remember there used to be one guy who would always knock on our door and open it at 2 a.m. whispering “….dude….can I borrow some glue?” After that, my roommate and I decided it was best to lock our door after 9 p.m.

Dorm Room

The Dorm was about this size, but had two beds in it. So when you would pull out your bed it was like you were a foot away from your roommate’s face.

In most cases, the noise was pretty harmless. There was, however, a really odd thing that happened to one of my friends. She claimed she’d be in her dorm room and at exactly 11:57 p.m. the third Thursday of every month, the landline phone she had would ring. Whenever she would pick it up saying “hello?” it would pause for a moment…and then a fast busy signal would echo through the earpiece. She said at first she just figured people were pranking her on Thirsty Thursdays, but after about 4 instances she was fed up.

She went down to the main lobby to speak with the dorm resident staff. A lady who had worked there since the early nineties (it was 2005 at the time) said they hadn’t given out those phone numbers to residents in over thirteen years. What was even more odd, was that the phone required you to dial a specific extension in addition to the ten digit number. She was creeped out.

Black Christmas

Image from Black Christmas 1974 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

She stopped by my room and asked if I was experiencing the same sort of thing. I had not been. Just people trying to get school supplies at 2 in the morning. “Would you mind helping me figure out how to shut off the volume?” I had no problem doing that for her since she was legitimately terrified of anything to do with that phone.

When I got to her room, I kneeled on the floor, and began trying to figure out how to switch the ringer off. It was a pretty easy process, but as I put the phone back, I noticed something spooky. Behind the bed was the wall socket. The phone had not been plugged in this whole time. I didn’t want to scare her so I told her “I unplugged the phone from the wall just to be double safe.”

Her door had been open to the hall, and the RA knocked and popped his head in. My friend asked him if anyone who lived here before was experiencing the same problem. “No I haven’t had any complaints,” he said. “There was a rumor going on in the 80’s about that. Someone claimed a person kept calling their phone telling them some numbers. When they asked who it was they would hang up promptly. Eventually, I guess someone jumped off a building or something.” Because that’s exactly what EVERY person wants to hear when they’re getting unknown phone calls. “But that was the south tower,” he reassured us. (We had been in the North tower) “You better take this, then,” I said handing him the phone.

Suicide news chanell

He told us to look it up on the internet if we were really curious. I didn’t want anything to do with it. She, however, was brave and began researching some dorm room stories that happened where we lived. The usual riff of stories involving Ouiji boards, drunken car accidents, and finally she found something. There used to be a a pay phone on the opposite side of campus, where occasionally people would prank call dorms. One night, a girl jumped off her dorm room window. When police came to the scene they asked her roommate and the people on the floor if anything strange had happened leading up to the event. One of the girls from a different floor told the police a few weeks leading up the event someone would call her phone and whisper “1132″and hang up. She said she was never sure what that meant until the day of the girl’s suicide. (The girl who died’s dormitory room was Room 32 on the 11th floor of the building.)

Another person that lived near the pay phone said they would often see drunk frat kids calling people. Other times the phone was used for legitimate reasons, so the university didn’t want to remove it. Several people reported seeing a man in a black trench coat calling someone late at night. Most people just assumed it was someone’s dad trying to get to a dorm.

The Man in Black

Rumors said a man in a black trench coat would call from the payphone.

As for now the story will go unsolved, but the mystery behind the ringing phone was definitely out of Tales From the Crypt. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction.