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Shoe Factory Road


Stories about the strange and unknown

Clowns And Candy: The Scariest Playground of My Childhood

By: - May 9, 2018
Category : Nostalgia, Shoe Factory Road, Unsolved

Since the beginning of writing this blog, I’ve discussed strange occurrences, unexplained mysteries, and various case studies. I’ve cited the actual Shoe Factory Road as a large inspiration for my writings. I rarely mention individual stories I’ve been affected by, save for my great uncle’s house. But then last week, as I was unpacking boxes […]

Holiday Hustle and Travel – Catching Up With You

By: - November 27, 2017
Category : Places, Uncategorized

I popped the Medium app back open, and stunned myself that the last thing I had written was before Thanksgiving(?!) Well, at least for a moment, I’m back to catch up with where we last left off. The holidays were, in short, a blur — and even though I was back in Chicago for almost a week […]

Painful Memories Part 3 of 3

By: - November 9, 2017
Category : Shoe Factory Road

For Part 1 For Part 2 Headlights flicked on as the car navigated the empty streets. The coppery dusk was deepening to crimson night. Thoughts were drilling away at him —the wiped out expense account, the golden spike of commission, and his brother who had just simply…vanished. Life was on the line, and all he […]

Halloween Traditions And Scary Pumpkins

By: - October 30, 2017
Category : Halloween, Nostalgia

I can’t help but start getting excited when I see that it’s October. Pumpkin pie placed all over store shelves. Droves of people picking up pumpkins, decorations, and pumpkin spiced everything. Halloween is fast approaching us. Anyone will tell you the best part of Halloween isn’t even the day of. It’s the entire season leading […]

The Charm of Movie Theaters: Why They’re Worth the Price of Admission

By: - October 17, 2017
Category : Uncategorized

Over my birthday weekend, I was treated to one of the best gifts I could ask for — tickets to see Terminator 2 on the big screen. Something like this comes around almost as infrequent as the recent solar eclipse — and like the eclipse, we needed special glasses as the viewing was in 3-D! Now you’re probably asking […]

Painful Memories- Part 2

By: - September 13, 2017
Category : Shoe Factory Road

For Part 1 As with all of these short stories, they’re best when read late at night. I didn’t want to overwhelm by writing too much on one continuous page, so like last time, I am going to reveal it in parts. Enjoy! He looked down the street, seeing a red-white-and-blue barber pole, a pharmacy […]

Which Wax Works Better? A Wax Museum Sparks Obscure Cinema

By: - August 31, 2017
Category : 80's, Places

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I ended up taking the drive back to Las Vegas. Her sister and brother-in-law were in town for a conference, and we decided to meet up with them. It seems like we take a trip every year. Like clockwork, we packed up the car full of snacks, and […]

Dick Tracy Film

Detective Work: The Mystery of Dick Tracy’s Blank Action Figure

By: - June 13, 2017
Category : Nostalgia, Toys/Nostalgia

For some reason I tend to write better when the weather outside is moody. When the rain is slamming against the window panes, and I’m writing feverishly behind a desk like a detective in a film noir — classy green desk lamps, stacks of clues in manila envelopes waiting to be deciphered (in this case Moleskin notebooks), […]

Our Trip To A Luxury Cinema: The Hidden Importance of Movie Theaters

By: - May 20, 2017
Category : Places

Over the weekend, we made our way to the Cinépolis Movie Theater in Westlake Village to watch the weekend opening of Beauty and the Beast. Normally we wouldn’t go over-the-top with our movie watching experience, but this was a special visit. My girlfriend had wanted to see the movie pretty much since Disney was discussing […]

April Fool’s Day: A Movie That’s No Joke

By: - March 1, 2017
Category : 80's

I woke up this morning to an unusually dark room, and the sound of rain hammering against the window pane. The sky has continued to cave in for the better part of a month now. The rain sometimes gets me irrationally excited because it creates a moody atmosphere and allows a bubble in which to […]